War In The Middle East

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War effects everyone. War has wreaked havoc on youths across the Middle East. This picture represents the destruction of healthy children due to years of harsh war in the Middle East. In the picture there is a man holding an assault rifle in what appears to be a United States military uniform. There is also a Middle Eastern child that is covering her ears from the sounds of gun shots from the man. The child in the picture is clearly afraid of what is about to happen. There is a red X painted on the wall behind the child, which represents the targeted enemy. Although the child isn’t the target, she is still in the crossfire, forcing her to witness war’s atrocities. War is useless. Sometimes politics take war too far and beyond its past its…show more content…
War is always the same and does not end, it is a recurring cycle. This picture shows a tank driving along a figure eight, or an infinite loop, meaning the war in the Middle East is never ending; it has been going on for too long. The background is a tarnished blue backdrop, representing the hardship and sadness that the war in the Middle East has caused over the decades. There are parts on the figure eight that are dark, representing the darkest parts of war. There are also lighter parts, meaning that there is a bright side to the conflict, which encourages us to keep fighting, thinking we will get some were, even though we just go in…show more content…
You can’t hold on to honor forever, in the end, war always destroys the spirit. This picture shows an old woman in some Middle Eastern town. There are people watching behind her, they seem to be oblivious, as this is a common occurrence there. The woman is in distress, as can be seen by the expression of despondence on her face. She has her hands in the air as she faces the sky, possibly preying to a god. She may have suffered the loss of a child or grandchild to war and she is grieving. The woman has experienced so much hardship and she seems to be done with everything. Not only do the soldiers experience the terrors of war, but so do the ones living at home. The home front experiences a large part of the conflict. This picture shows a battalion of enemy tanks charging towards the Statue of Liberty, meaning the war reaches the homeland. There is a giant nuclear explosion in the background next to the Statue of Liberty, representing the enemy’s effect on the United States. The picture’s overall visual display resembles a “waist land” like vibe, similar to the Middle East, meaning that the war has made its way to the United

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