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In present day, the magic of technology continues to quickly advance in modern society with better smartphones, high tech cars, tablets, and even with smartwatches like the Apple Watch. Along with all that technology has to offer, a new potentially dangerous gadget has been created; the drone. Antecedently, drones can go by multiple distinctive names. A great deal of times they are often called “spy drones” or “war drones.” The proper name for drone is called an unmanned aerial vehicle, or UAV in simpler terms. These UAV drones are not controlled by a person onboard, but rather by remote control that anybody can fly. By using drone technology in the United States, it violates the Fourth Amendment of the Constitution by limiting personal privacy of everyday Americans, poses a threat to be…show more content…
What began as a technology experiment for more powerful countries then resulted in our enemies also learning to build drones. Those drones that are being developed are being viewed “as a sign that the unmanned vehicles were falling into the wrong hands” (Singer). During the times of developing the war drones, it was REPORTED that “the U.S. ignored a dangerous flaw in its UAV technology that allowed Iraqi insurgents to tap into the planes' video feeds using $30 software purchased over the Internet” (Singer). That crucial flaw allowed literally anyone on the face on the earth to intrude into the video surveillance on the drones that had been created. As drones continued to be developed, they were becoming modified to shoot guns from a remote device, and the frightening aspect is that at first glance nobody would know whose drone it was. Gun-armed drones can be used by terrorist groups, and could cause catastrophic disaster if it’s unleashed. Even though we could easily shoot the drone down, there’s no telling how many more have been prepared to

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