Wanda Sykes's Ma Be Me: Social Responsibilities

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Wanda Sykes, in I’ma Be Me, brings up a lot of social problems that she sees happens, but most of what she sees in life is not just conjecture; many of her personal experiences are true, maybe a little exaggerated, but true. For instance, she talks about the smallest complaints people have about the president and what he is doing, or the child she has with her lesbian wife is Caucasian and she can’t pick her up alone without being questioned, or that she has to be asked to not speak in a stereotypical African American lingo. President Obama and his wife, Michelle, often are victims of the media, due to the fact that Obama is the president and society’s highly constructed expectation of a high public figure. Michelle is one the biggest figures…show more content…
Sykes’ reasoning for the violent reaction is that, obviously neither can be a male figure, because they are both female and they can’t make a child together. Sykes would been facing a social construction, because marriage, socially, is only between a man and a woman, not only until recently had there been more wide spread marriages that are between two people of the same sex. People with that mindset have their perception influenced, by society, culture, and personal experience. Socially, because through media, we rarely ever see any depictions of same sex marriage; some movies and television programs had shown same sex dating and or marriage, but majority of the media doesn’t touch the subject at all. Culturally, a person may have been raised to have beliefs reinforcing or rejecting the norm of parents only being a mother and father. Personal experience does alter one’s perception on marriage, because if a person were to grow up and have all their friends and family marry their opposite sexes, while also having both partners playing their socially acceptable roles, that person would also internalize the notion of having a father and mother figure. According to Wood (2010), “Fathers seem more likely than mothers to challenge and stretch…show more content…
During her show she said, “[…] I’m wearing one right now, I’m on T.V” , though she doesn’t explicitly say that appearance really matters to her, one can see that she implied that she highly values her appearance, just as Wood (2010), in Interpersonal Communication: Everyday Encounters, says, “Western culture places an extremely high value on physical appearance” (p. 131). Sykes, along with many other people in America, have been bred through their culture and society to incentivize their beauty, for the reward in gaining beauty, would be acceptance and being something of value to others. Thus, through trying to gain ultimate beauty, a person may be engaging in a self-fulfilling prophecy, for they are either self-internalizing their or another person’s expectation of the ideal beauty figure. If they were not to chase the dream of the ideal beauty, many people, more specifically and mostly women, are subjected to constant social comparisons. According to Kasey Sendar (2005), in Female Body Image and the Mass Media: Perspectives on How Women Internalize the Ideal Beauty Standard, “Particularly for women, it is difficult to go through a day without viewing images that send the message, ‘you're not good enough’.” The constant subjection to comparisons of other people influence not only the perception of seeing others, it also affects the perception of seeing

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