Walter Lee's A Raisin In The Sun

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In the 1990’s many Africans Americans have their own dreams that motivated them to achieve their dreams in life. in the play , A Raisin in the Sun the author reveals that the young family are willing to achieved their own dream with a lot of stretch and effort . Walter younger can't really hard to get along with. for most of the of the first act he’s nasty in the plat . He picks fight with his sister, Beneatha. he says all kinds of mean things to ruth, his wife, and is even short with his long-suffering mother, lena. They were a poor family with five members Walter lee , Lena,Travis his son, Ruth and at last Beneatha. They lived in an old house that ruth would do everything to move to a new one. Walter Lee best exemplifies the theme of the play because at the beginning of the play walter didn’t support anyone with their dreams while at the end of the play Walter change his…show more content…
Working as a chauffeur for a rich white man has got him totally dissatisfied. there’s no room for advancement, and he hates having to suck up to his boss all the time. Basically, walters feels like less man , because he’s in his thirties and can still barely provide for his family. An example of that walter lee says “I been married eleven years and i got a boy who sleeps in the living room and all i got to give him [are] stories about how white people live… (pg.11). In the quote walters say that he doesn’t work for anything don’t have money to give to his son a nice play to sleep. Although lane young a.k.a mama, totally rocks our world she a down to earth, she dedicated his life to his children. She all did was to protected them and look for something so nothing missing them. lena is hard woman didn’t let anyone to contradict her. For example when walter say to look at the paper so can invest money even look at the paper. She is a woman that many woman should like as a mother and father but
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