Symbolism In The Curious Incident Of The Dog In Nighttime

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In The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime the main protagonist and narrator is, Christopher an autistic child who struggles with social interaction and trust throughout this book. This novel started as a mystery novel quickly turn into a heart-breaking story about Christopher conflicts with trusting the people in his life and social acceptance from others. Haddon portrays animals in this novel solacing Christopher from the struggles he goes through, which includes the truth about who killed Willington and the truth about his mother being currently alive. Therefore animals symbolize a source of comfort to Christopher, for instance Toby or Christopher’s pet rat functions like a humans, but differs from human because Toby can’t talk, and we as an audience can relate to “his source of comfort”.…show more content…
The only person Christopher can trust is Siobhan the teacher at Christopher school or animals. Siobhan comfort Christopher or tells him what’s right or wrong, more than his father does in his life. Christopher father often physically abuse him, which is sad, because he is autistic and doesn’t fully understand how others feel. Mark Haddon demonstrates the father’s patience for his autistic son when the son is digging up the truth of who killed the dog. When Christopher went to investigate on Wellington killer, he went to talk to Mrs. Alexander, after he makes a promise to his dad that he would stop asking other people about Wellington death. Christopher father finds out about his son’s discovery and physically abuses the son. An example of the physical abuse us in Christopher point of view, “I was sitting on the carpet with my back against the wall and there was blood on my right side of my head was hurting.” (83). I can’t believe his father would abuse him, after all he only wants was to know was the truth about the death of Wellington, something he

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