Shah Do Shamshira Mosque Analysis

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images of the mosque, there are two white painted fake windows on the surface of the exterior towers walls. It is important to note, that the composition of the windows is different than usual for the region. Depending on weather conditions, the mosques in the region are equipped with small windows to avoid light-flooded interior space.1. In contrast, the Shah-Do Shamshira mosque is equipped with big round arch windows, which enlighten the interior space. The mosque consists of two minarets, which are decorated with stucco and arabesque ornaments. The minarets seem to be the emblem of the mosque, which is often seen as the most characteristic of the architecture of “conventional“ mosques. A loadspeaker on the right tower serves…show more content…
Below the dome, on the surface of the exterior walls, there is a sign which is also decorated and looks from a wide distance like a white painted bull's eye. A bull's eye is another element from baroque architecture which is mostly set on the upper storeys or on the roof.5 The facade decoraction of the Shah-do-Shamshira is a unique peculiarity of the mosque and the only one of its kind, not only in the territory of Afghanistan, but also in the whole region of Central Asia and beyond that. In contrast to the magnificant facade of the mosque, the interior space seem to be simple and basic furnished with a green carpet. The eye-catching element is the crank gable at the windows and the ceiling of the dome, which is decorated in white with vertical lines in…show more content…
There is no evidence that the actual location of the Hindu temple and later on, first mosque of Kabul is the exact location of Shah-Do Shamshira and therefore consists of these ancient ruins. However, the source is giving information about a first historical dating of Shah-Do Shamshira's

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