Violence In The Trojan War Essay

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There are more than just one type of violence going on during The Trojan War. People usually think that there is only one kind of violence, but that’s not true. Other than physical, there is political violence, theological violence, emotional violence, and verbal violence. While there are a few more, there are three that are significant during The Trojan War. Obviously,there are many different types of violence that happened in The Trojan War, but Edith Hamilton’s Mythology seems to highlight physical, theological, and emotional violence. The most obvious violence in The Trojan War, physical violence was the fighting and bloodshed between the Trojans and the Greeks. In Edith Hamilton’s Mythology, a violent scene of the war is described “He pierced the feet of the dead man and fastened them with thongs to the back of his chariot, letting the head trail.Then he lashed his horses and round and round the walls of Troy he dragged all that was left of the glorious Hector.”(Pg. 199) Many other bloody battles occur in The Trojan War. Another section of Mythology describes Achilles death. “There Paris shot an arrow at him and Apollo guided it so that it struck his foot in the one spot where he could be wounded,” (Pgs. 201-202). Clearly, physical violence is a vital part of The Trojan War…show more content…
The gods and goddesses chose who they assumed would win, and after Greece won they disputed about the treatment of the dead. This is described in Edith Hamilton’s Mythology, “Up in Olympus there was dissension. This abuse of the dead displeased all the immortals except Hera and Athena and Poseidon. Especially it displeased Zeus.” They also fought over whether they should get involved with the war. In the end, Athena, Apollo, and Poseidon had the most effect on the outcome of the war. In total, theological violence had a big impact on The Trojan

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