Increase International Trade In Canada Essay

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Countless opportunities have been flourishing for young adults in Canada. Although recognized as the land of fur trade, energy, and natural resources, Canadians are heavily dependent on imported goods and services. Accordingly, Canada should focus on increasing its level of international trade. The many benefits of international trade revolve around an increased amount of jobs, the opportunity provided to local establishments to expand, and access to diverse products and services. International trade generates more employment opportunities through the establishment of new industries. Not only does trading benefit in bringing down Canada’s unemployment rate, but it also encourages growth. “Every $1 billion increase in Canada's exports sustains 10 000 Canadian jobs. One out of three Canadian jobs depends on exports” (Why Trade Matters). As countries are internationally interdependent on each other, employment rates are skyrocketing across the globe, especially in Canada. “Our government is focused on what matters to Canadians: creating jobs, promoting economic growth and securing long-term prosperity. That is why we continue to open new markets to increase Canadian exports as part of the most ambitious trade expansion plan in Canadian history,” explains Ed Fast, Minister of…show more content…
“Just imagine increasing the number of potential clients by 100 percent each time you start selling in a new country. In all likelihood, this will probably be much easier than trying to expand your market place in your ‘home’ country” (Business Destinations). Similarly, “In 2000, Canada shattered its own export record for the ninth straight year. We exported $474 billion in goods and services to countries throughout the world” (Why Trade Matters). Undoubtedly, local establishments have the opportunity to grow their businesses in this rapidly growing market through international

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