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Django Unchained, is a beautiful, grotesque film that takes a topic as serious as slavery and contrasts it against the cockiness of the characters. Quentin Tarntino, the director of this film, has a unique way of blending the very real pain of slavery and the very profitable side of it. Tarantino work alongside production designer, J. Michael Riva, to produce breathe taking scene that are, no only, authentic to the time frame of the film, but also add dimension to the characters. Together they use elements of gore and violence to tell a love story and purity versus the unclean. This film takes the viewer on a journey of a slave, Django (Jamie Foxx), freed by a bounty hunting, German, dentist, Dr. King Schultz (Christoph Waltz), on a quest to rescue his enslaved wife, Broomhilda (Kerry Washington). Dr. Schultz seeks out Django for his knowledge of the men he is hunting for his bounty, along the way Schultz discovers Django is married to a slave named Broomhidla, who in German legend…show more content…
Not only do the characters, and the backstories, affect the overall mood of the movie, but Tarantino used these elements to strengthen each character. The main characters are symbols or metaphors for a bigger meaning. Django is not just a freed slaved, but he is a legend, a beacon of hope for those still enslave, this is not only established through the dialog in the film, but also in the non-diegetic. Then there is Dr. Schulz, a corky, German bounty hunter, whose character is built though his appearance on screen and his dialog. Schultz was dentist before becoming a bounty hunter, and Tarantino conveys this by having Schulz drive a plain wagon with a tooth on top, this almost adds a humor to the first half of the movie. In contrast the Schultz and his lightness, there is Calvin Candie, who is a devilish character, who is surround by dark imagery, and twisted dialog to show his

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