Vietnam War Song Analysis

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First song is Masters of War, it was written during the Vietnam war (Wib Team, 2015). it is a fierce and angry song. There is curse that writer wants a commander of war dies in line 57-64. The lyrics are against the government and the military because this song demonstrated that young men were deceived to go to die in the war. In line 17, “Like Judas of old” it refers to Judas Iscariot who betrayed Jesus by telling the soldiers who Jesus was and resulted in Jesus being arrested. It like the commander who lies and convinces them that they must fight for saving country and they will be the heroes. He betrays innocent young men. Moreover, the commander didn’t do anything about saving country. He just orders soldiers to fight with antagonists, sits and watches them dies. He just thinks about money that…show more content…
It describes the sense of waste and despair of a young man who has returned from the war, severely wounded and unable to return to his old life. Someone disabled and paralyzed. Those suffering that they got back from the war is not worth it although they devote their lives to a country. They were lost the important thing in their life and what they got back from war can’t be replaceable. Should they deserve that? The war is very valueless and huge losing. There are lots of pain with body and mind. Fourth song is No Man’s Land, the song is written in world war I (Nathan Lau, 2015). The song talks about William McBride died in nineteen years old and many soldiers died in the war but they willing to die. They may think that dying is a good and honor for their country. However, there are questions to listeners that would this war end by war?”. This is a negative way of war. People in world war I killed each other by no reason but they have to do because it is duty of soldiers. All Soldiers of each side have duty for their country that is killing enemy. It makes them do not see value of
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