Vietnam War Began Carried Out Analysis

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Although the Vietnam War passed a long time ago, for many Vietnameses and Americans, it is an unforgettable memory about war. In the film Regret to Inform carried out by Barbara Sonneborn, an American widow, she depicts the states of mind of women who have husbands or relatives dying in Vietnam War. Under the narration of these women about war, the film does not focus on the history events. Instead, it concentrates on the women’s experiences during the war, and this puts a hallmark on Sonneborn’s film. In 1968, Sonneborn received a message that Jeff, her husband, had died in Vietnam. As a wife whose husband was an American soldier, Sonneborn knew that Jeff had a duty to the country. She could not stop him going to Vietnam to join the war, and finally, she lost her beloved husband. However, she had no ideas about the place Jeff died and how he died. Thus, in 1998, she set out to Vietnam to discover the country where many American soldiers including her husband had been killed. In her narration, she confesses: “For American women, Vietnam is a land of imagination.…show more content…
She then married an American soldier and moved to the U.S. Xuan was one of the narrators of the film. Her memory about the Vietnam War is so bitter. As the age of fourteen, Xuan witnessed her little cousin was killed by American military, then she abandoned her wounded friend, and took her food. Why did not Xuan show any mercy to her friend? And what made Xuan become callous? That was because of war. In war, people have only two choices: survival or death. Xuan had chosen survival. There were no options for her. To continue her life, Xuan drifted through prostitution to sleep with American soldiers, and she smoked marijuana to relieve her guilty mind. When she tells all her memory about the Vietnam War, she seems to spit out her torments that were suppressed too

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