Personal Narrative: Powerlifting

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Title I began Powerlifting at the age of 14. I was intrigued by the whole idea of going to the gym; the idea of not only working on the physical body but the mind as well. Firstly, just getting to the gym is already a difficult task. Anyone who truly wants to see results knows that it will require tremendous willpower and extreme dedication. And I was absolutely certain I had these qualities. When I took my first step into a gym I felt an aura; an aura that sent a shock throughout my entire body and stopped me from moving. The determination in the air could be felt just about anywhere in the gym. The looks of pain, struggle, and accomplishment filled every one of these people. I was eager to feel exactly what they were feeling and wasted no time. I headed straight for the bench to perform the bench press. I pumped myself up and filled my thoughts of exploding this puny bar off my chest. As soon as I lowered the bar down to my chest I felt the weight of the entire world on me. I struggled and pushed until someone saved me from my impending demise. I…show more content…
I had totally forgotten about the proper form in order to perform such movements. However, that was not necessarily the problem. Even with proper form I could not imagine doing any of those lifts. I began to perform movements that target a single body part; exercises such as curls, pulldowns, leg extensions, etc. I targeted my arms, legs, and back each week respectively. Over the weeks I performed these exercises, I saw a noticeable change in my strength. One week after another, I felt the exercises becoming easier. I tried again on the bench, squat, and deadlift. As I performed each exercise, I became flabbergasted. I was able to lift with repetitions and even added weight on the barbell. I kept increasing the weight higher until I finally hit a plateau. I started to realize the work I've done over the past few weeks were accessory work. Each one of exercise contributed to me being able to perform these

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