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Vasco Da Gama was born in Sines, Portugal around 1460. Da Gama’s father was also an explorer and was originally given the command of the exploration but it was delayed for many years and they gave Vasco Da Gama the task instead. Da Gama started exploring early in life and he became a famous Portuguese explorer. Vasco Da Gama was the first person to sail from Lisbon, Europe to Calicut, India. Vasco Da Gama made 3 trips to India in his life. Da Gama joined the Portugal navy and that is where he learned skills that he used for the rest of his life. When he was young he learned how to be a navigator and he worked on merchant ships. Before Da Gama, there was another famous Portugal explorer who was very important to Da Gama’s travels named Bartholomew Dias. Dias found the southern part of Africa. Because Dias found the southern part of Africa, the Cape of Good Hope, it helped Da Gama on his voyage to find India. Da Gama first set sail to find India on July 1497 and traveled more than 24,000 miles. He reached what is current day Kenya, Africa, and then sailed to Calicut, India. They reached Calicut, India on May 20th. When he reached…show more content…
The second voyage that Da Gama took was more of a military type trip. They coerced themselves back into Calicut. Da Gama asked the king of Calicut to force all of the Muslims out of Calicut but the king refused. The Muslims killed 50 of Da Gama’s men so Da Gama and his men fought back with a huge firefight, killing a great amount of Muslim people and burning down 10 Muslim ships. About 600 Muslim people were killed, including women and children. It was Da Gama’s job to torture the Muslims. He was trying to force them out so that he could have trading roots with Calicut without the Muslim people getting in the way. Then, Da Gama moved to the city of Cochin and formed alliances with the leader there. They went back home on February 20, 1503, and reached Lisbon, Portugal on October 11,

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