My Greatest Accomplishments Of My Founding Father

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Our country was built by the hands and on the shoulders of great men such as George Washington, Abraham Lincoln and Martin Luther King. All these men could only have accomplished these historic achievements with the support and encouragement of the family and loved ones. Although, I have not liberating a new nation, or freed a people from years and years of slavery, nor did I fight for equality of all people, I do have the support and encouragement needed to succeed in any and all endeavors set forth. Unlike many marriages, my marriage began as a friendship and this friendship began almost at birth. From cradle to kindergarten, from kindergarten through high school this friendship evolved into a marriage. With the support of my husband and…show more content…
I was able to raise five beautiful children, each now an adult and each now with careers and families of their own. Each working towards a college education in different fields each as different as each of their personalities. These accomplishments achieved while my husband was either out to sea, or deployed to the middle east in two wars, or while he was on assignment to Central or South America for counter drug interdiction all for months at a time. Leaving me to deal with all the finances, maintenance of all our vehicles even walking the dogs and taking out the trash. Learning to homework again of children of all age groups. Having to deal with extraordinary issues such as Naval Criminal Investigative Service (NCIS) periodic probes in to our financial history after each return from South America. All of these seemingly traditional problems that each mother must endure, to ensure peace and tranquility in the home. No problems as great as those of my personal wants and needs. As I became a wife and a mother my own life seemed to

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