Compare And Contrast You And Goldmoon

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that the elves have no care for Krynn or for humans. I think my people may have been mistaken. I am glad I met you, Tanis of Qualinost. I count you as a friend.” Tanis knew enough of Plains lore to realize that, with this statement, Riverwind had declared himself willing to sacrifice everything for the half-elf-- even his life. A vow of friendship was solemn vow among the Plainsmen. “You are my friend too, Riverwind,” Tanis said simply. “You and Goldmoon both are my friends”(Weis and Hickman 166). Tanis not only would trust people with his life he would sacrifice his life for someone else. He would help anyone if they were in trouble. Rastlin on the other hand is the exact opposite of Tanis. He is not well liked or trusted by most members

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