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Case_Study_Bangladesh flooding 1. Anintroduction.Describetheissuerelatedtothecasestudy.(Whatistheproblem(s)?Whoisaffected?) 2. Alistofpossiblestrategiestodealwiththisproblemandagraphicorganizerthathighlightstheadvantages/disadvantagesofthesevarious strategies. 3. Adescription/explanationofyourproposaltosolvethisissue.Makesureyouusesomeevidence(minimum2)tosupportyourexplanation. Evidence should be: a. annotateddiagramsand/orgraphsthatyoucreatedyourself,usingvaliddata. b. annotatedphotographs/drawingsfromrelevantcasestudies. c. maps (i.e. one that shows the relative location within the country, one more detailed, local map showing details relevant to understanding the issue). - - - - - limitation on defending flood because of finance problem. most people do…show more content…
The lack of drinking water is without a doubt the worst climate effect. There are only four functional tubewells in Gabura union – the rest are salty,” says Syed Rahman, from UNICEF’s local partner NGO, Progotir The news articles - assume that the frequency and severity of flooding in Bangladesh have increased; - state that floods are a key problem in Bangladesh that must and can be resolved. Flood in Bangladesh, situations Short-term responses to flooding: Causes The news articles - state that there is a direct link between - Food aid from the Government and other countries. the hydro-meteorological processes in - Water purification tablets. the Himalayas and the floods in the lowlands; - Free seed given to farmers. Long-term responses: - Building embankments. - Building raised flood shelters. - Introducing flood warning systems. - Emergency planning. - People repaired embankments and helped to rescue people. - state that it is the rapid forest - Dams planned. - Reducing

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