Differences Between Fort Necessity And Fort Duquesne

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Fort Duquesne and Fort Necessity : Fort Duquesne altered several of times throughout the French and Indian War from British and the French. The fort was originally the property of the British, but the French conquered it before it was finished. It was the end site for General Washington before he had to flee to Fort Necessity in 1754. The British weren’t able to stop the landing of the French in Canada. This fort was important because whomever owned the land had control of the three rivers: the Ohio, the Allegheny, and the Monongahela rivers. Fort Duquesne was also exhibited that the British were weak. In the summer of 1755, the new general, Edward Bradford, attempted to take back the Ohio river, but could no succeed. Braddock was then ambushed…show more content…
The war ended with the victory of the British and the signing of the Treaty of Paris. This war stooped all political influence that the French had in North America. William Pitt : In 1757, the English Secretary of state, started to change the war efforts that took part in the Americas by taking it under full British control. He devised plans for the North American conflict. Military recruitment had gone down majorly after Fort Duquesne. The British eventually took part in impressment on the colonists. Offices started to conquer supplies and equipment from local farmers and tradesman. They also forced colonists to offer their homes to the British troops. In 1758, Pitt provoked the third phase of the war, by calming several polices that the Americans didn’t really approve on. Virtual Representation : It was where the Parliament was to serve as representation of the colonists, however, Parliament starting taxing without any acceptance from the colonists. They did not approve of this “taxation without…show more content…
It was very dangerous and risky due to the weather, this however made it easier to capture the Hessians. This battle greatly raised the Continental Army’s hope. Saratoga: The battle of Saratoga served as a turning point and helped Americans see a decisive path of victory. The British General Burgoyne devised a plan to divide the New England Colonies from the South had started out well but then eventually had several issues. His army was surrounded by a large American force at Saratoga. France came in as an American ally even though they had previously provided the British with supplies. At the end of this battle the Americans had conquered a part of the British defenses. Yorktown: The battle at Yorktown was the last battle before the end of the war. The capture of Cornwallis and his army, which induced the British government to compromise and end to the conflict. This siege heightened the spirit of the war of the colonists as well as the French. The result of this battle was the ending of the war as well as the recognition of the Declaration of Independence from the British. America was granted its freedom in

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