Unjustified Presuppositions

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There are multitudes of issues that require resolution in the United States. Firstly, the recent issue of racism has spread and spiked across the United States. Many of these predicaments have even gathered copious quantities of attention by public news than in the past. If there was a sole discrepancy in society that could chimerically be extinguished, it would have to be the abhorrent issue regarding unjustified presuppositions and prejudices solely based upon race. Out of the many reasons for the immediate necessity of a solution, here are some of the most predominant reasons. These uproars, which are resultants of racism, have caused an astronomical amount of problems, which are completely extraneous and unneeded in this country. For example,…show more content…
For societal progression, it is imperative that not only are people not unjustifiably judgmental, but they are also not making assumptions after the first couple second because of an individual’s skin color. Skin color has no congruence and is merely tangential with the person’s personality. Skin color is just showing that everyone is different. Just because someone is African-American, Asian, Mexican, etc. it doesn’t make them illegal, rapists, or murderers. It is very depressing that people make immediate judgments of somebody based on the unjustified presupposition and generalization of others with the same color skin. If I were able to solve this problem I believe that it would have a wide range and fix other problems. Ending racial discrimination and racial profiling would be a significant change in the United States and the entire world. It would be so significant because there would no longer be the same amount of meaningless conflict as there is currently. There would be no more rioting, “Hand’s up don’t shoot” rallies, protests, or riots, like in Ferguson, Missouri: In which protesters

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