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Wal-Mart Supercenter is a great environment for me to work in order to display the skills that I possess. Computer skills are a necessity, almost every business has some type of computer; my experience with computers is amazing. I use a computer almost daily; using Microsoft Office, surfing the web, etc. As a freshman in high school I created a website that allowed me to put my PowerPoint and Microsoft Word skills to use. When my stepmom ran the concession stand I used computer skills to calculate the total amount of money in sales they made for the day. Also, I would take stock off of the inventory computer; and to do that you had to type in a code for every item. When I worked at Quick Lube changing oil they had their own program on the computers so I was trained to operate them. The…show more content…
I talked to them in a respectful manner and they came back and apologized for how they had behaved in a business. When I played soft ball for my church I used verbal communication all the time. When the ball goes into the outfield one player has to tell the other that they have it. Just like if a player hits the ball anywhere on the field I had to let all the other players know where the ball was at all times. Leadership, in my opinion, is the best skill to have; I took leadership when I cleaned up the oil on the floors in our shop without being asked to do so. Leadership is when you take a situation in your hands and fix a problem or when you stand up and do something without being told by someone else to do it. For example, I would come into work 30 minutes early every day so my boss could get his kids ready and off to school. In high school I shadowed a student for a day and showed leadership by showing him around the school. I have also used my skill by helping an elderly lady carry all her groceries into her house from her

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