Hawthorne Effect Case Studies

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PRE MID ASSIGNMENT 1 HAWTHORNE STUDY AND IT’S IMPACT ON INDUSTRIAL/ ORGANIZATIONAL PSYCHOLOGY SUBMITTED TO: MISS. SHAISTA MAQBOOL BUTT SUBMITTED BY: TAYYABA SULTAN COURSE TITLE: INDUSTRIAL/ORGANIZATION PSYCHOLOGY MAJOR: APPLIED PSYCHOLOGY SEMESTER: 5 SECTION: B DATE OF SUBMISSION: 1ST SEPTEMBER, 2016 SESSION: 2014-2018 KINNAIRD COLLEGE FOR WOMEN, LAHORE. Hawthorne studies The Hawthorne effect is a type in which someone can either improve or modify his/ her behavior in reply to their awareness of being what they observed. It was originally researched by the Hawthorne Works in Cicero, Illinois, on striking change and work structures changes such as duty hours and break hours and it was originally interpreted by the Elton Mayo & others (anonymous)…show more content…
Actual test results and findings were implemented in the study rather than depending on sources from the library books or laboratory tests. In conclusion, the experiments resulted in the advantages in generating theories and conducting tests to reiterate the research done. Human relations stressed that more attention must be paid to the workers well-being and welfare to create a motivational environment in the workplace. The Hawthorne studies were the building blocks to numerous studies conducted that improved the development in management theory. Many theorists have made important contributions to the study of behavioral science with the basis of the results of the Hawthorne studies as their foundation in their findings. Evaluation. The Hawthorne effect is notable from several perspectives of social awareness and cognition. It seems clear that in some cases there is a large effect that experimenters did not anticipate, that is due to participants' reactions to the experiment itself. So as a methodological heuristic, it is useful, but as an exact predictor of effects, it is not: it is difficult to ascertain the Hawthorne effect in every situation. To understand when and why we will see a Hawthorne or experimenter effect, we need more detailed

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