Unit 8 Ver's Journal: Answers About Mental Illness

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Unit 8 Learners Journal Mental Illness is highly misunderstood. For example, there are some police officers that will mistreat an individual that is diagnosed with a mental illness because they are not aware of their disability. Others, claim to have acted on horrendous acts (e.g., massacres) due to mental illness. 1. What were your previous thoughts about mental illness? Frankly speaking, I knew little or nothing about mental illness. My previous thought was that a person could only become mentally ill due to either one of the following reasons: a. That mental illness is caused by demonic possession or afflicted to person by the witches. b. I also thought mental illness are caused by the wrong things a person did, that mental illness is a repercussion for wrongs done in the past. Like committee murder, stealing or sleeping with someone wife or husband are the reasons for mental problems. c. I also thought that only…show more content…
How is mental illness viewed in the media/society? Nothing has changed much in my society; there is a general lack of knowledge about mental health. People here still view mental health illness as a hereditary disease or something caused by witches or enemies of progress. There are too much stigma and rejection from society towards the mentally health ill people. There is no education on how the society should respond to the mentally ill people. The media does not talk about it because they do not understand about these disabilities. Most mentally ill people sleep on the street, abandon by family members, and with a limited mental health facility, many are left to suffer and die whenever. Most families disassociate themselves from a member that developed mental problems. My society still views mental illness as a spiritual problem, which no one wants to be involved. 4. What can we do, as a society, to change the stigma associated with mental illness and how can we become a better resource for individuals that have a psychological

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