Unit 4 P2 Health And Social Care Essay

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Internally a company will instate a health and safety manager in the workplace, they are responsible for monitoring, documenting and periodically reviewing the health and safety control measures that are put in place to protect people from harm. Externally, the Health and Safety Executive is an organisation that encourages, regulates and enforces health and safety in the workplace. P2 – Task 4 It is the role of the health and safety officer in the workplace to enforce and implement certain regulations. They must inform employees of any changes to control measures for a hazard, they must also inform employees and anyone who is present in the workplace environment of all the risks that they face; this is often displayed using posters or hand-outs.…show more content…
They must also make sure that the workplace has adequate lighting, comfortable temperatures, washing equipment and decent welfare facilities. The officer must also put up signs clearly labelling exits and clear pathways to these exits. They must instruct employees in the safe techniques of handling, transportation and storing of all substances and materials; whether hazardous or…show more content…
The role of the inspector is to ensure that all employees are kept safe from hazards and negligence. They have the power to enter any workplace unannounced and take photographs, details, measurements or samples of any machinery, substances or anything they deem investigable. Additionally, they can take apart and examine any equipment that is being used, interview anyone on the premises and they even have the power to shut down part or all of the

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