Social Isolation In William Faulkner's A Rose For Emily

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Social isolation can be difficult. Everyone may experience loneliness some time in their life, but it develops for different reasons. The development of loneliness may turn into social anxiety, depression or helplessness. As humans, we are social beings by nature; we can hardly live on our own for a long period of time. A cause of being lonely, may be the struggle of the person's childhood. Parents may be highly strict on the child's social activities, causing the child to have no contact with others. An example is the story of, "A Rose for Emily". Emily is isolated by her father as a child. She does not receive nor retain any feelings of love. Another story about this specific topic is, "Soldiers Home". Krebs came back home from war, where he was not missed. The difference between these stories is, Kerbs had parents who cared, but did not show it in a supportive way. However, Emily didn't gain any support she needed. Which is hard to live without.…show more content…
Being isolated from the world, Emily did not have the opportunity to achieve her goals. She was a single thirty year old female, with no past experience being with a man. Her firm father drove away all the young men. The selfish man he was, he only kept her for himself , which was to be a housekeeper. Emily finally found a man, Homer, who she wanted to marry. But Homer rejected the proposal. To this point, Emily was so mentally ill that she killed Homer. Afterwards, Emily slept with Homers deceased body for 30 years. As a result, Emily had no social contact with another human

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