Unit 1: Communication And Employability

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Unit 1 - Communication and Employability Attributes and Barriers Job specific attributes When working in, or looking for a job there are specific attributes that an employer will look for. One of these is having technical knowledge. This is when you have skills or abilities in specific areas. These are skills different for each occupation,for example downloading or understanding software or having experience with hardware might be important for jobs such as games designer, software engineer or an IT technician. Having technical knowledge in your genre is important because it also allows you to perform your job to the best of your ability and it will help to impress employers giving you the ‘know how’ to do the job well. If you already understand the technical aspects of a job it is much easier for you starting a new role and your employer won't have time spend as much time and/or money training for that specific role. Making sure that you have the right technical knowledge for a job allows you to be ahead of other people going for the same job as you. Most technical skills that you can have include using ICT, for example being able to use photoshop is showing…show more content…
Having good working procedure, shows that you can follow rules and health and safety advice as well as understanding what to do in case of emergencies. Good working procedures include being able to do first aid, knowing where fire escapes or extinguishers are. Ensuring work is saved and generally keeping the desk and the environment tidy is also important so that no hazard can occur or escalate such as, too much waste in the recycling, fueling a fire that could have occurred. Having a good work procedure is also could make what to do when you're ill and can't go into work, this includes the dress code of the workplace including protective clothing to keep you safe for such as steel toe cap boots and a hard hat on a construction

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