Driving In Winter Persuasive Research Paper

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What season do you think is best to drive in? Some people think that it's best to drive in winter then summer. I wouldn’t judge them because everybody have their right to make their own decisions and different and opinions. One reason why i think they think that it's best to drive in the sow would be because they use to it and probably been living in snowy and cold places for a long time. For me i think that the best season to drive in is summer Some reason why i think that driving in winter is worst then driving in summer is that you have to worry about snow getting all over your car, which can do serious damage to your car. You have to worry about your tire if they need to be fix or not. I know that the snow is nice when you're a child ,and it can be fun to play with. When you're an adult , it become more tedious having to shovel it and try to commute in it especially when you're trying to go to work which can be very hazardous. Driving in snow also can be very hazardous because most cars are made to be drive normal roads not roads with snow in it . Driving in the snow can also cause many dilemma between drivers , because sometime when it's too snowy the Mayer might shut down some highways for days which might lead…show more content…
there is many reason why i think the way i do. Some of the reason why i think it's best to drive in the summer it's because in the summer you don't have to worry about snow getting all over your car. You won't have to worry about highway and roads being shut down unless there's an emergency. Driving in the summer it's also very fun because summer is the perfect time to plan an unforgettable road trip, beach trip etc. Unlike winter you cannot take your car to the beach because it would take you longer drive there and when you get there it would be all cold and snowy. Summer is a good time for people to drive around the city with friend because school is out, and its festival

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