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Uluru is easily the biggest rock in Australia, and even the world but it isn’t just a rock. It was formed in a special way it was formed from a monolith (an obelisk, column, large statue, etc., formed of a single block of stone). There are other rocks that have been formed from a monolith like The Olgas not that far from Uluru and even ones on the other side of the world like Devils Tower in USA or Zuma Rock in North Africa. The thing about all these rocks is they were formed the same way but are all made of different elements. Uluru is better known as Ayes Rock. It was named by William Gosse in 1873 after Sir Henry Ayers. Uluru is the aboriginal and official name. The rock was created over some 600 million years, and the aborigines have been…show more content…
Uluru is not the biggest rock in the world as most people think, Mount Augustus holds that title. But Uluru is the biggest monolith because Mount Augustus is a monocline. The difference between a monolith and a monocline is a monolith as a single rock that has been formed where a monocline is when the crust’s layer are pushed up by a force from beneath which causes an asymmetrical anticline. Uluru was forming 40 million years ago in the process of a monolith. As the centre of Australia was covered in water, sand slowly built up at the bottom of the ocean and due to the pressure from all the water, it compacted the landmass now known as Uluru and changed the sand to a sand stone. As the water evaporated the rock slowly appeared. The sand didn’t just come from nowhere it was from the water’s waves hitting the sides where there was no water and eroding the sand away. Uluru is not just sand stone because then it would have to be the colour of sand not a red/orange colour that it is. The element that gave it its colour is iron. The iron was incorporated into the sand stone and as the massive rock was hit by the elements it eroded the weaker, outside of Uluru and also rusted the iron in the sand stone giving it that

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