The Pros And Cons Of The Air Raid

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In a war where millions had already died, specifically victims of atrocities by the Axis powers (Japan, Germany and Italy) along with several other soldiers, I say we needed to do anything possible to prevent the prolonging of the fight. Although Germany already had enough and was near submittal, Japan in the Far East was not showing any willingness to surrender. This meant there was a risk that many hundred thousand, if not millions more would die. While I am not in favor of killing anyone, nor for a country to impose such destruction upon another, I believe the bombs had to be dropped to end the carnage of WWII. First off, it is very clear that the collateral damage of the air raid was extensive and lead to the deaths thousands of innocent people in Japan. However, among a lack of other alternatives to bring an end to the war, dropping the bomb seemed necessary. The United States gave Japan several opportunities to surrender, as well as warned them that refusal would result in mass destruction. So technically, Japanese military and political officials were aware of this possibility, but remained resistant to surrender. Harry Truman declared that his decision use the new weapon was simply…show more content…
The raid can be seen as a retaliation of Pearl Harbor. While informing the country about Hiroshima, President Truman said himself, “The Japanese began the war from the air at Pearl Harbor. They have been repaid many fold.” On that day, Japan committed a cruel assault that was unjustifiable. On top of that, Japan had been known for their kamikaze attacks against the U.S. The suicide pilots would purposely crash their planes into American battle ships. With the same intent on the ground, wounded Japanese soldiers would seek out an American to come and treat them, then set off a grenade to kill them both . A country will do all it can to defend itself and even win, especially if it means

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