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The article 2b or not 2b by David Crystal, looks at the many ways language is growing. Throughout this article, Crystal focuses on three important points; texting talk, the results of texting on writing skill, and how texting can be fun and creative. Crystal introduced his argument with the thought that the way we talk is always changing; that change is centered mainly on the makings of new written work developments like the printing press and the typewriter. Crystal talks about a debate in the first passage when he states “John Humphrys’ I h8 txt msgs: how messaging is destroying the way we talk.” Humphry doesn’t care for texting and says “texters are vandals.” Crystal suggests that messaging is just greatly improving the situation, not…show more content…
Replacing a word for a number or just an isolated letter for a word has been going on for a long time. This is known as rebuses. For example: Wt di u do that 4, or how old will u b? Some feel that content like the one stated are going to change our dialect for the worst and make young people much lazier with their spelling and grammar. But it was pointed out by a late American study, there is really a positive link in the middle of texting and education. Crystal admits that this is on account of young people need to have a past learning of vernacular to change it into texting. Texting talk in my opinion is really structured off how people already talk and sometimes making it more confusing sometimes but not more than people can…show more content…
During that time you could only send a small amount of letters via text messaging. That being said shorthand, abbreviations and or a form of dyslexia have been used for several years. Individuals have a tendency to shrink their words more when the messages are longer. Crystal proves his argument by examining a study that has confirmed that the quantity of shrinkages in an instant message brought about higher scores on reading and vocabulary tests. Studies have been demonstrated that messaging can be a fun approach to be perky with dialect. Crystal examines the illustration of how T-Mobile held a competition for the best sentimental ballad in SMS. Crystal suggest the thought that individuals shrink words much sooner than the period of messaging. The profits of messaging that Crystal communicates is about how poetry through SMS is getting to be famous. Crystal also discusses SMS books that have been distributed. An illustration given was the Japanese creator, Yoshi, who made the novel "Deep Love". Texting is getting to be another way out for statements used by some creators and writers. Some have taken advantage of content shortened forms as a part of demand to spare space, while others have gotten creative with different textual style and

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