Tundra Wolf Diary

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Name: Leslie Rodriguez Teacher: Carnahan Class: Biology, Period 3 Date: September 15, 2015 Tundra Wolf Hide between the snow that is what my father taught me. As I recalled my father/alpha’s advice, I stared at our prey. This would be a glorious hunt! As I creep up on the caribou, I feel my pulse racing. No one can hear my footsteps, as heavy as I am my paws create no sound as they touch the ground. My pack is closing in on the clueless creature, waiting for the alpha to tell us our next move. My fur keeps me from freezing in this cold weather. It is so thick, smooth, and soft, hunters crave to have it in their possession. As our alpha sends the signal we launch ourselves into the air and attack the defenseless beast. I sink my canines into…show more content…
Even though we all stick together for the most part, we all turn into strangers when we sink our teeth into the flesh. All fighting for the biggest piece, or to show dominance, but mostly for survival. As I finish my share I walk out of the mob of slaughterous wolves, I take a look of my surroundings. All the trees around us seem as if, in any moment they will close in and suffocate us. The snow is white seeming as a humongous cloud has set and covered the once green grass, except for the part where the caribou was at. The white snow has now sprung to life. Red blood has blossomed creating giant peonies, creating a beautiful, vivid portrait in the snow. We are the major predatory species here in the tundra, but we have only one enemy, humans. They affect our poulation in a great amount. Killing us for sport or for our fur. Here in the tundra it is very cold and summers don’t last long. So in order for them to survive we are placed at the top of their hunting list. Of course, like in many other countries they over hunted and we are near extinction due to the fact that many people killed us out of fear or desperation. But…show more content…
But even fighting and defending each other comes in vain at times. For example, when we fight for food and who gets the bigger piece, someone from our pack might get mad and cause a fight betwen 2. Therefore there is a penalty of death for the one who won. Life here in the tundra is harsh but you become accustomed to it after living there for many years. We have many names, that vary from the tundra wolf to Canis lupus albus to gray wolf. Yes many fear us but others adore us. Native tribes found us sacred and loyal. They thought we were gods, worthy of everything. They believed we were mysterious, beautiful, yet wild. But natives were not the only ones who thought we were worthy. Someone along the way mixed a breed between us and humans creating a horrid creature named a werewolf. Seriously they don’t have nothing better to do. Who would believe our holy species would mix with those filthy things. That would be the downfall of our society. Even though we eat almost everything in this enviorment we have a good community. We only kill when it is neccesary and have a good relationship with all animals especially between ourselves. So life isn’t so bad. Until you

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