The Role Of Crime In The Victorian Era

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The prison was dark and old. The food they gave the prisoners was gross and even sometimes made them sick. They had all come here for a reason they had done something bad. Prisons in Victorian Britain and what they were like back in the Victorian Era compared to prisons now. Crime in the Victorian Era was breaking the rules/laws. It was punished by sending you to prison or such demoralising tasks as turning 'The Crank; or 'The Treadmill'. Crime in the Victorian Era was breaking the rules/laws. During the Victorian Era if you broke the rules you were punished. The punishments were usually very bad like turning the crank, treadmill, wasting your time all day doing something that had no point or getting hung. says: “A new model prison” was built If you got p unishment you would not go to the room you usually sleep in they make you sleep in a room with a wooden bed the floor was cement and it was dark, you were alone there was no one in there with you. Also if you got punishment you would not have the same privileges such as eating, showering, or going outside. You would get half of what you usually eat taken away and what they gave you when you weren't…show more content…
Prisoners in prison tried to get out as soon as possible, it was not easy being in there. The gates close behind the prisoner and the physical examination begins in order to provide a description of the person and to note any distinguishing marks. Once completed it's a bath and his hair is cropped to the scalp, not so much to get the prisoner clean but to humiliate him. He then dons his prison clothes and his past life as a free man is obliterated “As he starts a new life as a prisoner of Her Majesty.” The food in prison was not good, it sometimes made prisoners sick or even sometimes die. The prison you went to was usually falling apart from being old no matter what prison you went to unless it was a new prison they just
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