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I am applying for the position of Trumpet Section Leader for the 2015 marching band season. I am applying for the position because I have enjoyed marching band in my Freshman year and want to get more involved with it for my Sophomore year. I also possess traits that will allow me to be a good leader who can teach, and improve the quality of the section, but also be open for advice from more experienced players in the band. I also want to be trumpet section leader because it would be an opportunity to further my music experience and to gain more experience being a leader of something big. As a leader, I can make sure that things are getting done the way that they are supposed to be done. I enjoy teaching people new things and I am good at…show more content…
If I was chosen as section leader I would step up to the plate and make sure that I had my materials. Being a section leader is a huge responsibility and I acknowledge that. I would take this great weight and perform as section leader. I will be more responsible with all my materials, and be sure that I, myself, am not taking away from the overall experience of the people in the band. I would have to set the example for people in my section and the band to follow. Also, as a rising sophomore, people may not take me as seriously as a leader. I believe that I could function just as well as my fellow peers in the…show more content…
You must also be willing to be patient with others and be a good teacher. You must also be able to function well with other people, and you cannot have fights in your section, because fights would lead to a negative impact on everyone in the band. Leaders must also set an example for their peers, and have a determined attitude. If a person looks up to someone, they aspire to be more like that person. However, if they despise a person, they do everything they can to be the opposite of that person. Aaron Davenport was an excellent exhibitor of all of positive traits. He worked well with us in the trumpet section and we all aspired to be like him. He set an excellent example for us in the band and provided a positive

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