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When toddlers are around the age of three, they enter a stage called “egocentrism”. Throughout this period, children tend to assume the world revolves around them. For example, imagine you’re watching a movie with a young child. Suddenly he moves his head so that it blocks your view of the movie. You try and ask him, “Hey Michael, can you move? I can’t see.” He may respond with, “No. I can see perfectly!” Fortunately, most children soon pass this phase as they grow up and mature. Unfortunately, Kanye West was not like most children. The personality Kanye portrays to cameras makes him seem like a toddler. While Kanye West is 38 years old, he shares similar qualities as toddlers. For example, they both do not grasp the concept that everything does not revolve around them. While this kind of behavior may seem adorable coming from a three-year-old, this has gotten very old with Kanye West. Though Kanye West is a famous rapper adored by thousands, in my eyes I see Kanye as a self-absorbed, rude,…show more content…
In the 2015 VMA’s, he admitted that he was going to run for the 2020 Presidential Election. This is one example of how self-absorbed he truly is. Kanye is an artist; he has no understanding for politics. Many of the presidential candidates have a background in politics and are considered well-educated; they are usually senators and are involved in Congress. Kanye presumes that he can run for president without having any knowledge of politics. I am aware that his fans feed into his judgments and make him assume that he is fit to become president. Nevertheless, something as important and serious as running our country is not something that should be thought of as something anyone can do. Additionally, he has compared himself to many important figures such as police officers and Jesus Christ. Kanye announced in a tweet how “he is God” and how everyone should call him

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