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William Shakespeare once said, “The course of true love never did run smooth.” This quote is completely pertinent to Hamlet and the characters in it. There were many different types of love shown. Incestual love, friendly love, and self-love were all shown throughout the play. Both love and hate play very important roles in the play. Love was the driving force behind many of the character’s actions. Claudius’s love of power and his love for Gertrude drove him to kill his brother. Hamlet’s love for his father drove him to seek revenge on Claudius. Ophelia’s love for Hamlet drove her to kill herself whether intentionally or accidentally. How can love, an idea or emotion, drive people to do such terrible things? Love cannot speak. Love cannot walk. Love cannot physically do anything. Yet love has all the power to destroy lives and happiness. Love is powerful, but is love really worth it?…show more content…
Claudius allowed his want of superiority to control him which lead him to kill his brother, King Hamlet, and take his wife, Gertrude. Because the readers don’t know the prelude to King Hamlet’s death, we can’t automatically judge Claudius’s actions, but that does not make them right. If Claudius had been more open about his feelings on his brother’s leadership, maybe things would have been different, but we can never truly know. Nothing could have possibly stopped Claudius from falling in love with Gertrude. Claudius himself said, “But that I know is begun by time, / And that I see, in passages of proof / Time qualifies the spark and fire of it” (110-112). As time went on, and he was around Gertrude more and more, he just happened to fall in love with her. The longer he was around her, the more he loved her. From what was shown, Claudius did not mean to love Gertrude, but he was a master of

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