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The Immorality Within 50 Shades of Grey General Purpose: To inform Specific Purpose: To educate the audience on 50 Shades of Grey from and unethical perspective and provide reasons why the movie production should be banned from theatres. Introduction: (asks audience) How many of you have read 50 Shades of Grey or have heard about the book? Let me tell you a bit about my first reaction after finishing the trilogy. I’m very much a sappy romantic so I immediately classified 50 shades of Grey as the perfect love story. An innocent virgin stumbles upon a wealthy handsome CEO, falls in love. He takes her virginity, introduces her to an erotic sex life, she helps him overcome his internal issues dealing with his past and his childhood. He lavishes her in fine clothes, newly furnished vehicles and…show more content…
Matt Walsh from The Matt Walsh Blog on July 25, 2014 states (QUOTE)“The problem with the sex portrayed in this movie, or in any trashy romance novel you find at the airport, or in many other films and TV shows, or in many actual relationships, is that it’s always self-seeking, never honest, never truthful, never trusting, and never protecting. There is no hope in it, no kindness, and no sacrifice. It’s selfish and removed, which makes it stale, which is why people tire of it so quickly and become so bored with it all, which is why they consume so much porn and bounce between so many different one night stands.” (ENDQUOTE) • We are essentially letting a pornographic production into our community theaters. Intimate moments shouldn’t be mocked and blasted onto a cinema screen regardless of what age or how mature the audience is. Sex is a pleasurable event which was meant to symbolize love, intimacy and letting someone into to you literally however has turned it into a meaningless hobby. Internal Summary: As you can see, 50 Shades of Grey should be banned from theaters because it is an insult to the true purpose of love

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