Trip To Boston Essay

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Visiting Boston I was really excited to visit the Commonwealth avenue as I had heard raves about the art preserved at the facility. I am fascinated by sculptures. It’s like a good sculptor is someone with magical powers of halting time. I saw some great art pieces there. But the thing that impressed me most was the sculpture of the renowned Harvard professor Samuel Elliot Morison. It was a perfect setting for art so beautiful. Surrounded by the perfect camouflage of Elm trees was the statue like a pearl in the heart of the ocean. The cooing birds, the joyous children and the warm sunshine enhanced the charm of the masterpiece. The Statue made of Bronze with granite base seemed like a perfect time traveling capsule taking me back to the beach to which this sailor longed to go. In his perfectly sculpted sailor’s oilskin and the tremendously detailed books and a flask, this sailor looked ready. Even the creases on his pants were so well done that I almost offered the poor man another clean pair. But he seemed lost in the adventures ahead. I wonder what those eyes could see. It must have been wonderful.…show more content…
The flash was so well done that I could see a drowsy haze in this sailor’s eyes. The shoes were so well detailed that the statue seemed intent on jumping off the rock and scaring the bejesus out of me. The cap looks so authentic. This sailor has the heart and soul of the sea. Even the rock that the sailor was sitting on looked so authentic that It might as well have been imported from a beach somewhere sculpted by mother nature itself. I felt like pushing the man over and sunbathing right
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