Toussaint's Leadership Qualities

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The revolution of San Domingo led up to the elimination of slavery, Haitian independence from France and the declaration of the black republic. However, unlike several historians, in his work, CLR James does not portray the struggle for independence as simply a slave uprising which came after the French Revolution. He went beyond that, providing only a recount of the historic events and provided a close look at those who mainly caused the fall of the French rule, specifically the slaves themselves. By doing this, James offers a viewpoint of that entitle the black people, in which they are shown to have actually succeeded in coming to together and accomplishing a goal, and not just the result of actions of others. Before the revolution, slaves…show more content…
For the San Domingo slaves, their leader was Toussaint L’Ouverture, an ex-slave. Toussaint was ironically prepared for his leadership role. Even though he was slave, he was educated and, completed his master’s tasks with such skills that both slaves and masters appreciated his abilities. “His presence had that electrifying effect characteristic of great men of action (James).” Adding on to his incredible leadership qualities, James stated that Toussaint was a man with integrity, and detested violent retaliation and slaughter (James). While Toussaint’s total rule was slightly controversial, James praises his ethical values stating that Toussaint never attain power just for power’s sake, he “saw early that political power is only a means to an end (James).” He was driven to bring salvation to San Domingo through the re-establishment of agriculture and expected his supports to have a similar level of dedication. Post rebellion, the mindset of the former slaves was forever changed. Slavery would no longer be accepted by the inhabitants. From that moment on, any regime which accepted such lifestyle was doomed; the revolution created a new generation of men (James). This new generation was conscious of their worth and self-importance. They no longer felt ashamed of being a black. The revolution had awakened them, and given them the opportunity of achievement, and

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