Human Rights In Canada Essay

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Human rights legislation attempts to balance minority and majority rights by establishing laws and rights to allow the majority and minority, to have equal rights and status. There are a few majority/minority issues around the world, and in Canada, such as minority language rights with the French Canadians, and women in society. Firstly, the issue of language rights in Canada have been around for a long time. French Canadians were not able to express themselves and practice their culture because of the oppression from English Canada. Their culture and language were slowly fading because the population of the English Canadians were much larger than the population of French Canadians. Through the years, there have been rights and laws established…show more content…
Although women are not statistically considered minorities, they still qualify as a minority group because they have less power and fewer privileges than men. Even though society has improved and evolved in a more accepting society, there are still times and places that put women at a lower level than men. There are laws such as the Violence Against Women Act to help fight domestic abuse and other types of violence against women. In addition to this law, the Canadian Labour Law also applies to this issue because it allows women to have equal pay as men. Furthermore, rights have been established and proposed to solve this minority issue. For example, voting rights were established for women around the 1920s in Canada. In addition, the Equal Rights Amendment was proposed in 1923 to the U.S. Constitution, and it stated that “equality of rights under the law shall not be denied or abridged by the United States or by any state on account of sex.” These rights and laws allow men and women to have equal rights and status in society. The majority and minority issues in the world are slowly getting solved because of the human rights legislation attempts to balance their rights. The laws and rights are constantly changing to accommodate new situations and to improve the equality between the majority and minorities in the
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