Victor Villaseñor's Burro Genius Racism And Discrimination

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In today’s society discrimination and racism both exist and has been around for many years. Some people are victims of racism while others are the racist that believe they are better than everyone else. They discriminate people either as individuals or as groups based on their color. Not accepting them because of their appearance and to those people they are not worthy of any kind. Iin Victor Villaseñor’s memoir Burro Genius racism and discrimination are portrayed. A story in where a young boy growing up in the 1940’s living in Southern California with his wealthy family he envisioned a good lifestyle. However, he came to realize that no one accepts him due to his dyslexia and limited English. In today's society we often see this still happen…show more content…
From his color, to his style, to the language and where he came from. Although, he was only a child this did not stop his teachers from bullying and putting him through this. I myself have been a victim of discrimination. It also occurred in school, English was not my first language at school I was taught English meanwhile, at home I communicated with my mother, friends and family in Spanish. Making it harder for me to pick up the English language fast because I had no practice outside of school. The worst times were vacation and forgetting everything that I had learned. However, I then started speaking English more and my grandmother whom at the time took care of me would get mad and would in fact not let me speak English when around her. Her reasoning behind this was the rudeness that an unknown language to her brought. I recall her saying, “Es de mal educación hablar en un idioma que yo entiendo”. In her head it was rude to speak a language that she did not…show more content…
Perhaps it was the fact that we were taught to be better than others, and the only way that can be would be by putting others down to feel better about yourself. However, kids should be taught in a different manner. Although, we come from a culture where we need to be bigger, stronger and smarter than the rest we can all as a group be better and be more than the Anglos who seem to get satisfaction every time one of us fails. Victor stated, “And I thanked mi papa who'd always said to me that we, los Indios, the Indians, were like the weeds. That roses you had to water and giver fertilizer or they'd die. But weeds, indigenous plants, you gave them nada-nothing; hell you even poisoned them and put concrete over them, and those weeds would still break the concrete, ” (21). Meaning despite of anything that happens or any problems one may come across we will always bloom and get further in life because of our hard work and

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