Tourism Essay: Things To Do In Menorca

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Things to Do In Menorca Menorca is well known to have an abundance of wonderful things to discover with so many places to visit. You can choose between all of Menorca attractions, nightlife, shopping, beaches and museums to fit them all into your plans. Basically, there are so many things one can do in Menorca; however, here are some of the best you should not miss out. They include: Paragliding Monte Toro, the only mountain in Menorca which stands at 358 meters above the sea level and from its summit there are spectacular views around the entire island. It is located just outside the beautiful town of Es Mercadal. The summit is drawn near by a steep winding road at the top of which there is a sanctuary dating back to the 17th century, parts…show more content…
Southern coast has long beaches of fine sand which, at larger resorts, are easily accessed by car and have accommodation and close restaurants. The northern coast has higher cliffs interspersed with hidden rocky coves and the beaches tend to be smaller and have red sand. Beach lovers will be able to find empty and deserted stretches of sand to swim and snorkel even in the height of the summer season. In addition, the Menorca’s beaches are basically one of the main island’s attractions because they are surrounded by crystal blue…show more content…
The most popular one is the Fiesta de Sant Joan in Ciutadella which is held on 23rd June when the narrow streets by the harbor are packed with viewers watching the pretty black horses and their riders of the island as they display their extraordinary and unique equestrian skills. Another festival which draws the crowd is the international Jazz festival and the opera season which is held as the Principal Theatre in Mao. The other festivals normally take place throughout the summer with gastronomic festival in the inland towns and village to ensure that there is always a wide variety of choice for the most ardent of fiesta

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