Touching By An Angel Personification

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Love is something that makes your life seem real. This is one theme that Maya Angelou demonstrates in her poem Touched By An Angel. This poem makes the thematic statement that love is powerful because it changes your life when it sets you free from your fears. In order to demonstrate this, Maya Angelou uses personification, imagery, and hyperboles. One literary device the poem uses to convey the theme is personification. During the poem, Angelou depicts love with human characteristics by writing "love arrives and in its train come ecstasies." Angelou also writes that "love strikes away." This personification proves that love is a powerful thing that changes one's life. Firstly, Angelou describes love with human characteristics, which therefore shows how important love is because it has life. Love is described as striking away and the action of striking symbolises full power. Thus, personification in this poem has shown how love is very powerful because it changes your life.…show more content…
At the beginning of the poem Angelou writes, "Love leaves its high holy temple and comes into our sight and liberate us into our life." By doing so, the poem makes it clear that once love appears, it frees us into a new life. The imagery itself is creating a message to the reader about how love can change your life. "Live coiled in shells of loneliness," is another statement that creates imagery. This shows that people are trapped in loneliness without love. The descriptive language of the sentence of which the image it creates conveys the theme by showing the reader how important love is. Therefore the imagery in this poem demonstrates a part of the thematic statement which is how love changes your

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