High School Athletes Gain Lifetime Benefits By Kevin Kniffin

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Many people say that school should just be about learning and not sports. I disagree with that. Sports can help you get your grades up. I agree on article 2 “High School Athletes Gain Lifetime Benefits” by Kevin Kniffin. Schools having sports can help the student athletes have a career on a sport they are really good at. However, you can get injured or something in a sport, and will not be able to attend in school, to learn. Sports should not be eliminated from schools. Students would want a scholarship on a sport they love and are good at. Sports can help your grade up by wanting to do well on school so you can be eligiable to play a sport. They will push themselves to stay focus on their learning, also they will not slack on a sport they love. Students who play high school sports tend to get better grades. When they have good grades they have a better chance to get a scholarship and a scholarship on the sport they play. People who had graduate from high school more than 5 decades earlier showed those expectations proved accurate.…show more content…
I totally agree with him. Researches do show that people who play high school sports get better jobs, with a better pay. Benefits that last lifetime. Being in a sport can get you to a career and get paid well. Canceling sports in schools is not a good idea. Also they found that former students- athletes tend to donate time and money more frequently than the people who were not part of teams. If they love a sports and they need to do something to stay in that sport, they will achieve it, such as keep good grades. They will keep them good so they can stay in that sport that they

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