Torres Strait Islander Community Analysis

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Introduction It was a long standing challenge for the government of Australia to enhance the health condition of the aboriginals as well as the Torres Strait islander people. For this particular research paper Sydney South West has been taken under consideration for the proper evaluation of the desired health care services offered to the respective people living there. Though some improvements have been done in some areas but the development is slow and inconsistent. The gap has not reduced and this was remaining wider between the Torres Strait islanders and the aboriginals and some other Australians’ (Bento, Esteves and Agarwal, 2013). There health status is a well known fact for the concerned people living within the Sydney South West. This…show more content…
• It should be free from inequality and of racism, for a good start of life mother including the babies should receive the best potential care and support, manage long productive life health care for adults (Goroll and Mulley, 2006). • Mental health communities should look after conceiving mental health and implementing service accordingly. • Aboriginals and Torres Strait islander’s participation in their community should be made by the community development project (Grant, 2010). • The system of Australian health care do not include the racism as well as inequality and all the people of Aboriginal as well as the people of Torres Strait Islander have complete access to the desired health services which are effective, and of high quality. The services of the PHC provide the necessary platform to address the desired social inequalities as well the determinants of the health. The Aboriginal and the Torres strait people of Islander have the significant right to live a healthy as well as safe life relating the connection with the culture of the country (Holmes, Rudge and Perron,…show more content…
Approach based on right should be on getting availability, accessibility, equal health and services, and acceptability (Kai, 2003). This will helps in developing the policy and achieving the goals and targets. Sydney health district and other organisations has provided community health care services. These services are 15 community health services, 18 child health services, 4 youth health services and 34 mental health care services (Kelly, McCabe and Innes, 2012). • Aboriginal as well as the Torres Strait Islander Community Opportunities’ for engagement and collaboration with individuals, government should enable participation of aboriginals and Torres Strait islanders (Milnes et al., 2011). • Partnership Government including the different service providers works at different levels for health planning and supply. It provides an effective engage mechanism with the communities in achieving the goal and priorities for health. •

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