Comparing 'The Lady With The Dog And Winter Dreams'

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Brandon Moore Instructor Jakob Freshman Comp. 2 5 October 2014 Midterm Paper Women play a major role in the way men go through life. In “The lady with the Dog” and “Winter Dreams”, the two men are pulled under a very similar influence by the beauty of the women. The first story starts out with Dmitry Dmitrich Gurov, a 40-year-old man who has been vacationing in the Yalta. Which was a Russian resort on the black sea. He had heard there was a new young visitor around the resort, she was known as the lady with the dog. Even though Dmitry was married with a 12-year-old daughter and two sons in high school, he knew he still wanted to try his luck at the young lady. He probably did not feel bad because the story talked about his wife looking twice as old he did.…show more content…
Dmitry sparks their first convo by asking the lady to give the dog a bone after it had growled at him. They eat in silence, but end up leaving the restaurant together. They walked up and down the beach. That’s when he finally learned that her name was Anna. At the end of their night Dmitry goes back to his room, where he thought about Anna the rest of the night. He was beginning to fall for the lady with the dog. Dexter Green was an established young man in “Winter Dreams”. He worked part time at a golf course where he caddied for small amounts of money. While at work one day, he was shocked to see a beautiful woman on the course. He

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