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In the film (500) Days of Summer (Webb, 2009) is a story about boy meets girl. Tom Hansen and Summer Finn are the main characters. Tom is a dynamic character who believes in love at first sight, fate, and destiny and Summer is a very passive character. Throughout the film Tom endures many up and down with Summer. Turns out that he stays on an emotional roller coaster with her. He learns something new from Summer each time they are together. His best friends, McKenzie and Paul and his younger sister, Rachel who is the voice of reason, supports Tom emotionally. This film begins near the end with Tom and Summer sitting side-by side on a bench and a close up shot is shone of Summer’s left hand with a wedding ring on it. One can naturally assume that Tom and Summer are married. Majority of this film is based on Tom’s reflections on Summer and the film showing cuts to different scenes, days, and times. On one hand Tom believes in motifs like fate and destiny. While on the other hand Summer does not believe that love or fate exists. Tom is completely smitten the first time he lays eyes on Summer during the introduction that Vance, Tom’s supervisor gives. I think this scene could be considered “act one”.…show more content…
This is where his fate kicks in for him and he thinks that she is ‘the one’. I believe this would be considered “the meet cute”. Tom is totally into Summer she appears very nonchalant. McKenzie tell him to invite her to karaoke that the entire office staff is going to. After she sings McKenzie questions her, this is where Summer first says that love is a fantasy. Tom tells her that love is real and that she will feel it when it happens. McKenzie also tells Summer that Tom likes her. Tom and Summer have a lot in common. Summer expresses to Tom that he likes her just as

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