The Pros And Cons Of Iran's Nuclear War

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For the past several years the media has been talking about the situation in the middle east and recently the situation in Iran. The media and most of the world is concerned with the amount of uranium that Iran has because with the amount of uranium they have they are capable of building many missiles which they could use to attack Israel. If a nuclear war was to start a third world war may start and even though Iran says that they are not using their uranium to build nuclear weapons we cannot fully trust them because they have lied in the past, the uranium they possess is much more enriched than what they need for basic power supply, and their nuclear power plants are underground which prevents them from being monitored by U.S and other Ally military.…show more content…
to manipulate Iran and control how much uranium they have and how high Iran may enrich their uranium. With the deal Iran is required to lower their uranium supply by 98%. Iran currently has 20,000 centrifuges and they need tens of thousands of centrifuges to create highly enriched uranium for a bomb. With the Iran deal Iran will only be allowed to have 6,104 centrifuges for the next 10 years. Iran will also no longer be allowed to enrich their uranium past 3.67% which is way below the significant level needed to create a bomb. With the amount of centrifuges lowered and the how high Iran can enrich their uranium there would such a little chance for them to create a

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