To What Extent Are The Strengths And Weaknesses Of The Constitution

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It has been over 200 years since the constitution was put in place. Back before the ratification, there were two groups that argued over its strengths and weaknesses. The first group is the Federalists who pushed for the use of the constitution for the United States government. The second group is the Anti-Federalists who opposed the constitution. With all the many years of experience since the constitution was ratified, which side was right? With the Federalist supporting its strengths and the Anti-federalist outlining the weaknesses, who saw the constitution more clearly as it would be used by the government? The Federalists had good intentions and a good system for the most part, but the Anti-Federalists had objections that were right and caused problems with the future of the United States. Several foreseen problems are the government acquiring too much power, the broken checks and balance system, and supreme court problems. The first example of what the Anti-Federalists predicted is that the Federal government would appropriate too much power. Brutus described that there was a lack of sufficient restraint on the size of the government. In other words, the Constitution did not clearly enough outline the scope it could reach. The consequence as seen today is the expanding…show more content…
Or respectively, checks on the federal government as a whole could be undermined in a situation where the government extensively interprets its objective in ways to “promote the general welfare.” This can allocate the more power to certain branches. Another imbalance is that the supreme court is relatively isolated from the other branches. Aside from the supreme court itself, the judicial branch as a whole is broken because nothing but the supreme court was clearly outlined in the Constitution. This has led to the creation of many court

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