Analysis Of Olive Sacks The Minds Eye

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When life gives people limitations on what they can and cannot do, imagination and creativity gives them the possibility of a limitless freedom. Limitations can come in many forms, whether it is physical or it is brought upon from a higher authority. No matter what the boundary is, there is always a way to over come it. People who have physical restrictions can over come it in different ways, Olive Sacks, in “The Minds Eye” documents a patient who has recently become blind and how they over come their limitations by using heightened senses from the human body to help them make life more convenient. Finding out that the patient was going to have many limits on what they would be able to do didn’t stop them from creating different ways to maneuver…show more content…
The human brain is the most complex muscle in the body and can hold infinite amounts of information. Therefore, information that someone can have in his or her brain can be altered. When a patient had battled through a tough traumatic event in their life, the brain starts to reallocate those existing memories with different ones, blinding the patient of the bad memory. Thus, the brain got up to the maximum limit of what it could take and once it hit that limit, the mind temporarily shuts down. Because the mind is now shut down, the patient now removed himself or herself from what their reality was, to what their brain is telling them what their reality is now, “ Only those with the most desperate trauma histories are ever driven to discover and perhaps modify their absence from the present” (Stout 423). In Stouts case being limited is the best thing that could happen, because the amount of trauma that the body can take is limited therefore once you hit that limit the mind starts to cover up the existing problem and over comes it. When reality becomes so intolerable for the well being of the patient, they find a way to escape from it. Correspondingly, Nafisi’s life style has become a personal prison, “ Reality has become so intolerable, […] so bleak, that all I can paint now are the colors of my dreams” (Nafisi 284). Since the government of the Tehran is so strict and restricted Nafisi from any relationship with anyone, she is forced to find ways to escape her bleak reality. Therefore Nafisi finds refuge in literature and that is all she has to share with her students. However it is extremely dangerous to do so, because if the authorities were to find out that these women are going behind government rules they can be severally punished, even if it is just for reading. Nafisi and Stout are both put in situations where their patients and or students are going through certain circumstances that require them to

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