Who Is Edmond Dantes A Good Guy Or A Criminal

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The Count of Monte Cristo about the guy name Edmond Dantes, who was innocent and was wrongly put in the prison. He spend about 14 year in the prison, and after he got out of the prison, he revenged the people who put him in the prison. After finished reading the story, he reader raise the question, Edmond Dantes was a good guy or a criminal? At the end of the story everybody considered Edmond Dantes was a criminal. After the got out of the prison, he right away think about revenge the three people who put him in the prison for their good. Just because of the revenge of the Edmond, it not just effect the three people, Danglars, Fernand, and the King’s Prosecutor Assistant Villefort, it effected the other people too. It killed…show more content…
That just the accident that happened to the innocent. If you look closely to the story when he saw Villefort’s wife killed herself and their son,Villefort yelled and him, and blame him for everything, and say why did he do that, his family are innocent. Then Edmond Dantes said, “You are right, I had no hatred of them, only of you, Villefort.” That showed that Edmond know that he have done something that he shouldn’t do. Another things showed Edmond Dantes is a good guys is that when after he stop Danglars, who is trying to run away with the jewelry, he stop him and put him in the farmhouse, and charge him a lot of money for a meal, and do that until the ran out of money, then when Danglar ran out of money, instead of leave him hungry to death, like Danglars did with Mousieur Dantes, Edmond feed him and let him go with a thousand francs. With Fernand and Mercedes, Edmond sacrafied himself for Mercedes, let Mecedes’s son killed him, instead of he killed him. Also at the beginning, after the Captain of the Pharaoh die, he helped to control the ship and delivery the cargo safe. And Dantes listened to his captain go to the Elba island even after the captain is

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