To Kill A Mockingbird Book Report Essay

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I am reading To Kill a Mockingbird by: Harper Lee, and I am on page 42. So far the book is about the Finch family who live in Maycomb County, Alabama. The Finch family consists of Scout, who is in first grade and Jem who is in fifth grade. Their father is named Atticus and their mother passed away when Scout was only 2 years old. Calpurnia (Cal) is labeled as their cook, but does so much more around the house than just cook. Scout and Jem made a friend over the summer, his name was Dill. They would spend most of their summer days obsessing over the Radleys. The Finch’s are neighbors to the Radley’s. The Radley’s mother also died, but their father is still alive. He has two sons, Nathan and Boo (Arthur) Radley. The Radleys are blood-curdling type of…show more content…
For example, Boo was rumored to go out at night and be a peeping Tom. Scout and Jem were deathly afraid of the Radleys. As Scout was going into first grade, she went through the wave of emotions all children new to school go through. She was exhilarated and at other times she was apprehensive and nervous. She went to school and she and her teacher, Miss Caroline, clashed in all the wrong ways, which made Scout melancholy and depressed. One way they clashed was that there was a boy in her class named Walter. Walter didn't have any lunch, because he was poor. Miss Caroline was trying to give him some money for lunch, but he was not going to take it. Scout tried to explain to Miss Caroline that Walter did not have enough money to pay her back, but Miss Caroline wouldn’t let Scout try to explain. Jem invited Walter to come home and have lunch with them. When they came back to school there was a new boy in Miss Caroline’s class his name was Burris. Burris is extremely rude to Miss Caroline. In this journal I will be predicting and evaluating. I predict that the kids will not meet Boo. One reason I think that the kids will not meet Boo is, because the

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