AIA National Associates Committee: A Case Study

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In 2015, Ross was elected to serve on the AIA National Associates Committee (NAC) Advisory Commitee as a Director-at-Large by his fellow NAC peers. Chosen to lead the NAC’s Advocacy Task Force, Ross made it a priority to work with AIA National staff and the Young Architect’s Forum on advocacy issues and raising awareness among emerging professionals on the importance of ArchiPAC, the only federal political action committee of the AIA. Ross was in charge of making sure all NAC members contributed to ArchiPAC, which they did prior to the AIA Grassroots Leadership & Legislative Conference, for the third year in a row. Not only did the NAC members all donate to ArchiPAC they also encouraged other Associate members and emerging professionals to contribute.…show more content…
The results from the emerging professional team, aptly named the EP WolfPAC, were astounding. The EP WolfPAC finished the competiton with 103 donors (1st Place) and raised $5,124.50 (3rd Place). The team was rewarded with the Silver ArchiCUP for recruiting the most donors; the second place team only accounted for 37 donors. The EP WolfPAC averaged nearly $50/donor and were responsible for 46% of all ArchiPAC donors recruited while raising over 21% of the ArchiPAC funds brought in at the AIA National Convention. It was amazing to see the effort displayed by the emerging professionals on a national stage and their efforts did not go

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